The suction pump with Swiss ingenuity and simplicity

Providing reliable and simple suction, hygienically. The Basic pump is a reliable and simple suction pump available for all applications in the hospital, clinic or doctor’s practice that require a high-vacuum setting, including endoscopy, airway suction, vacuum assisted cesarean/delivery and wound drainage. Keeping it simple. In developing the Basic suction pump, Medela strived for simplicity. Turn the pump on with either the foot switch integrated into the trolley or by touching the button on the housing. Adjust the vacuum with the intuitive membrane vacuum regulator. Optional accessories can be attached to meet your needs. Simplified inner construction minimises the effort required for routine checks, saving costs. Working when and how it should. Medela’s Swiss ingenuity has led to the long lifetime for which our pumps are renowned. Company know-how, durable materials, and an intelligent configuration all contribute to the reliability of the Basic suction pump.

Addressing hygienic concerns. Hygiene concerns influenced both the design and functionality of the Basic suction pump and its optional accessories. Medela paid close attention to the location and design of operating elements in order to reduce potential contamination risks.

Manufacturing Company: Medela